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1401 South Santa Fe Avenue
Boyle Heights, CA, 90021

586 457 0831

An all natural and organic unisex cosmetic line, mindfully crafted in Los Angeles by Gloria Noto 


LP: Sima



Sima and I met over cocktails during our NOTO x alma Golden Hour event held at The Standard in July. We instantly clicked on our dreams of Havana, the importance of a good skin oil & educating others on the “why” behind natural practices. As the creator of an online conscious journal, House of Citrine, I knew I had to pick her brain on the subject a little more. I was lucky enough to do so on an ambient afternoon in her Santa Monica home.

A warm host, Sima treated me to an enchanting elixir & a peek inside her immensely calming world. When our time came to a close, we said bye over a few bites of Surya bread and laughed about our similarities like old friends might. 


Hi Sima! Thank you so much for having me over. Would you tell me a little about yourself?

About, I would say, 5 years ago, is really when I went full blown. I had previously earned my Bachelor’s degree in Public Health Education, however I felt like I needed something else because the nutrition schools weren’t teaching the kind of health I was interested in. I was more interested in natural nutrition with plants, herbs and our actual earth. Healing our bodies from within. About a year ago I started House of Citrine, which is an online conscious journal where we feature conscious businesses in the community.

How are the first hours of your morning usually spent?

Typically my body rises around 6 am. Sleeping nude in white crisp sheets. I awake to positive intentions, gratitude. Deep breathing included. Tongue scraping, coconut oil pulling, and a simple face regimen: I wash my face with cold water and then add Living Libations; the best skin cream ever along with the NOTO botanics Hydra Highlighter.

 I get downstairs and have a glass of room temperature spring water (Castle Rock is my favorite). One hour later, warm water – chlorella and ashitaba – flooding my body with B vitamins. Now my body is energized, ready for a tonic full of mushrooms, coconut milk/hazelnut/pumpkin seed, maca, pine pollen, ho sho wu, collagen, touch of ghee, rhodiola.

 Now ready for my morning work session which consists of 3 hours of emails, articles, interview questions and sipping on room temperate water.

That is relaxing & energizing all at the same time. It sounds beautiful. I feel as though our society has veered so far from the root of health and now there is a new wave of people who are desperately trying to get back to the simple beginnings of caring for our bodies.

Yeah, totally! About 5 years ago I took classes from the Natural Healing Institute in San Diego and focused on Holistic Nutrition. Afterwards, I began working 1 on 1 with clients by helping heal their bodies from within. It was beautiful, I really loved it. 

I feel as though Los Angeles is such a concentrated location for health + wellness. I’m from a small town on the East Coast and sometimes feel as though the idea of eating vegetables hasn’t quite hit it there. Do you feel similar?

People are waking up. We are so lucky to be living in the real epicenter of it all. It’s not weird to tell someone you’re eating a plant based meal that day, or that you’re going to your acupuncturist, or your healer. We’re so lucky to be living on this earth and we need to start taking better care of it. I’m really grateful to be a part of the change.

Through our Living Profile interviews, NOTO botanics’ goal is to unveil how members in the community practice mindful self- expression. How does House of Citrine incorporate that into their mission? 

House of Citrine are advocates of living mindfully and being conscious of what we support as consumers. We strive for an elevated understanding of sustainability and bring that information to the community. We highlight people making a difference in health and sustainable living. Their stories are inspiring not only individuals, but whole industries to evolve into a more conscious practice. We express ourselves by promoting people in lined with a holistic lifestyle. 

Is there anything in particular you’re an advocate for?

Have you heard of biodynamic farming? Do you mind if I share a little bit about it with you?

Please do!

What’s happening right now is people are finally realizing how amazing this form of farming is. Rudolf Steiner was a philosopher from Austria who he came up with this method where they use the life cycle of plants, animals and the moon cycles for farming crops. All the cycles work together so that when food is grown in this soil its very nutrient dense. It’s the oldest method of farming.

That’s amazing. It connects back to people rediscovering the root of wellness.

I agree! For the longest time we’d hear of communities in Sedona or Topanga paying attention to these types of practices. But now it is so progressive and it’s great that it’s moving in that direction. However, for me, I live my life in balance and I’ll be honest about that. I was so rigid in my twenties and I’ve really begun to practice more balance because you’ve got to also enjoy this life.

What is the best life advice you’ve ever received?

Gratitude is EVERYTHING. Appreciate it all.


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